Amsterdam EURECA workshop (29 September 2016)

The 5th EURECA event will focus on the launch of the EURECA tool. We'll take a close look at its benchmarking and procurement related functionalities and training modules. The event will also include an exploration of best practices that are relevant to procurement and Green IT solutions, such as consolidation efforts, green (cloud) software and power management. Keynotes include speakers from Dutch Government, private sector.

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016 (15 June 2016)

Green IT Amsterdam and Be Great are organizing a session at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016 in Brussels. The session on on the 15th of June is dedicated to Green IT, smart green urban datacenters, the energy chain of the internet. We aim is to raise awareness within a wide audience of European policymakers, urban planners, media and industry representatives both on the opportunities to green the internet further and on the technology initiatives the industry is taking to make this possible. The aim of the session The Internet energy chain: from smart urban datacenters to sustainable users behavior is twofold; on one hand it is to raise awareness amongst city planners, policy makers, IT and energy companies as well as web users, on the actual energetic and environmental impact of the ICT sector; and on the other hand it is to introduce solutions the sector itself is currently developing and implementing to face these challenges and to play a key role to the transition to sustainable energy.

Sustainable Energy for Data Centres - Clima2016 Congress (22-25 May 2016)

Data centres are facilities used to house computer systems and associated components aim for performance, reliability and security 24 hours a day the 365 days a year, transforming them into a highly energy demand infrastructures. In the last years, the total energy demand of data centres has experienced a dramatic increase which still growing. This is why data centre industry and researchers are undertaking efforts to implement energy efficiency measures and to integrate renewable energy into its portfolio to overcome energy dependence and to reduce operational costs and CO2 emissions.

Dublin EURECA workshop (11 May 2016)

The 4th EURECA event aims to demonstrate the value of energy saving, cloud computing and co-location related to procurement practices and actions. Keynotes include speakers from the European Commission and the Irish government.