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EU SmartCities Cluster

EU SmartCities Cluster

The Cluster is currently formed by seven projects and their partners (over 50), which include private businesses, research institutions and Public Administrations. DC4Cities, RenewIT, Dolfin, GENiC, GreenDataNet, GEYSER and EURECA projects are currently members of the Cluster. Two more projects, All4Green and CoolEmAll, also took part in the group while still active. All the projects share the aim of decreasing energy and environmental impact of Data Centres, e.g. increasing renewable energies and/or waste heat use, efficiency and the utilization of Smart Grids in Data Centres.

The main goal of the Cluster is to jointly develop/propose a set of common KPIs and methodologies across the projects covering areas including energy, economic and environmental impact. The Cluster also plans to liaise with standardization bodies and propose new KPIs for standardisation. The projects that make up the Cluster ultimately participate in a number of different technological fields, including for example:

  • Energy efficiency in computer systems
  • Grid balancing
  • Smart Grid
  • Energy management
  • Software engineering
  • Cooling systems
  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES) integration
  • PPI (Public Procurement for Innovation) and PCP (Pre-commercial procurement) of Energy Efficient Data Centre solutions

The work done so far by the Smart City Cluster includes identifying existing metrics, analysing them in order to establish strengths and limitations, and consequently proposing new metrics or modifications of existing ones. Moreover, common methodologies for calculating all each of the KPIs defined by the Cluster have been developed.